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Castable - Versaflow Thermax Plus

Castable - Versaflow Thermax Plus

Low-Cement, Containing Fortified Matrix and Vitreous Silica Aggregate

Max Service Temp : 1316° C


  • Excellent abrasion resistant

  • Thermal shock resistant




    • Excellent abrasion resistant

    • Thermal shock resistant

    • Lower density (10% to 15%) than conventional extra-strength castables.

    • Lower thermal conductivity (20% to 25%) than conventional extra-strength 

    • Outstanding thermal shock resistance in cycling applications up to 2000°F (1093°C).

    • Low coefficient of expansion.

    • Flowable feature enables product to be vibration cast, poured, or pumped with slight adjustment to water content


    • Petrochemical—petroleum industry applications including catalyst lines.
    • Power industry—ash hoppers.
    • Any application requiring abrasion resistance and outstanding thermal shock resistance within the service limit.


    Product Status: Pre-order product

    Material delivery :  within 30-45 days after order confirmation (sea freight)

    Manufacturer: Harbison Walker International (HWI)

    Country of Origin : Indonesia

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